Chrissy Blaisdell

In high school, Chrissy dabbled in various sports, including running, but usually found herself invariably injured with a broken bone or other affliction. Around this same time, she also first learned of triathlon, reading an article in the now-defunct teen magazine, YM. The article profiled an 18-year-old racing Kona, and Chrissy filed away that she’d one day do a triathlon.

Fast-forward to the tender age of 25 when she was making her “before 30” bucket list and added the bullet “marathon or triathlon” to ensure she had flexibility and options. At the time, she was a leisure runner, logging 3-ish mile efforts two-to-three times a week and joining group classes at the gym after work. The following year was a particularly trying one filled with tragedy, and the gym became an outlet; Chrissy began spending a lot of time in the pool, on the treadmill and attending spin, pilates and yoga classes. It seemed like a good idea to funnel all this extra exercise towards a goal and check something off her aspirational list, so she registered for a sprint triathlon, to take place fall of 2008. While she enjoyed the run training a lot, the longer runs made her think she’d probably never be able to do a full marathon. On race day, riding a cruiser bike purchased off Craig’s List just weeks prior, Chrissy raced her first triathlon and loved it; but being the competitive soul that she is, decided to focus more on running until she could afford all the gear – ahem, a bike – that would put her in the mix with the front-of-the-packers. The month after the sprint triathlon, which was Chrissy’s first race ever, she did a 10k, followed by a half marathon the month after that and so forth and so on.

In 2011, Chrissy finally made the leap to the marathon distance, thinking that she’d try to break four hours and be a one-and-done marathoner. She far exceeded her goal, and post-race, several folks were quick to point out how close she was to Boston-qualifying. This planted a seed, and Chrissy nabbed her qualifying time in that following year (2012), and decided that is was time to return to triathlon. Ergo she registered for an Ironman the week after qualifying, and then promptly bought a bike. 2013 was her first year in triathlon, and it’s been a wildly fun journey experiencing so many courses and amazing locales and the endless goals involved.

Chrissy moved from Atlanta to the Bay Area in August of 2014. She lives in Livermore with her fiancé – also a triathlete – and their lazy greyhound, Sal, who paces her on easy brick runs and other easy “volume miles.” In the warmer months with more daylight, she likes to sneak it rides and runs on Mount Diablo before or after work.

Quick Facts

  • I prefer the mountains over the beach, but still like it hot
  • Born and raised in/around Atlanta, GA and loving the NorCal lifestyle since moving here in Summer ’14
  • I fund this crazy hobby with a career in marketing, having spent time at various CPG companies slinging energy drinks, wine and [most recently] jerky
  • When I’m not s/b/r, I’m usually cooking, wine-tasting w fiance and friends or reading
  • My secret for nailing my hard run days is taking my dog on at least part of my easy run days, he’s a retired racer and great pace-setter for a 9-10′ mile
  • My other training secret/guilty pleasure is swimming or cycling with my fiance so that I can “practice” drafting (just for the water, though!)
  • My favorite foods are breakfast burritos, pizza (Kevin McAlister-style, plain cheese!) and potatoes in any form (baked, mashed, scalloped, fried, etc) especially as pre-race and race-day nutrition
  • 2017 Schedule

    March 26 – Livermore Half Marathon
    June 4 – Vineman Monte Rio Olympic
    June 25 – Ironman 70.3 Couer d’Alene
    July 23 – Donner Lake Olympic
    September 9 – Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz

    Race Results

    Four-time Boston Qualifier
    Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
    USAT All America Triathlete
    Phoenix BMA Half Marathon 2016 – PR (1:28:36)
    Ironman 70.3 Oceanside 2016 – 5th AG (5:15:59)
    Calistoga Trail Ramble 10 Mile 2016 – 1st OA (1:30:39)
    World’s Toughest Triathlon [Auburn} Half 2016 – 6th OA/ 3rd AG (6:06:07)
    Lake Tahoe Triathlon Olympic 2016 – 3rd OA/1st AG (3:03:17)
    Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon 2016 – PR (1:28:31)

    Chrissy’s Blog

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