Mary Tanner

I have not been active my entire life! Although it may come as a shock I didn’t start “liking” exercise until high school- but I’ve never looked back! It started with local 10ks and progressed into running marathons for “fun.” After 18 marathons, I decided I was bored and wanted to do triathlons. Then triathlons were too short and Ironman called my name. The Ironman distance challenges me and from that point on the rest is history.

I’ve completed MANY races and would love to qualify, race, and experience “Hawaii” one day. I’m still training and trying my best to reach that goal. I still work full time and help out our local swim club. The one thing I love about Ironman is that you never know what to expect. They are 90% mental and if you give up, you’re done. I love how it really challenges your MIND and how to overcome ANYTHING to get to the end!

Quick Facts

  • Since 2005 has competed in 45 triathlons
  • Has raced in 23 stand alone marathons completed (marathons used to be the “thing” before Ironman)
  • Pours heart and soul into training often waking up at 3am to train before working 10+ hours a day
  • Equally committed to work and clients as training; both things she enjoys
  • Might not be fastest but definitely hard worker
  • 26.2 miles of running is most often the cool down

    2017 Schedule
    May 15 – Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3
    June 25 – Ironman CDA 70.3
    July 29 – Ironman Santa Rosa
    Ironman Chattanooga Or Ironman Arizona

    2016 Results
    Tri 4 Real Swim Series #1;2nd Overall
    Ironman CDA 70.3; 16th AG
    Ironman CDA;14th AG
    Ironman AZ 70.3; 20th AG
    Ironman Arizona; Finished 17th IM with despite an injury


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