This post has been a long time in the making, maybe even years? I have started and stopped countless times in hopes of bringing back the blog. Well, guess what? It’s now!

This year I’m coming out from the shell I’ve been under and bringing back the positive state of mind, tales to share and what’s up! This year is going to be full of fun, fast and Freeplay!

Team Freeplay is a positive, driven bunch of like minded women. We share common interests and goals. Welcome to the year of being positive together, creating a new and different brand and having fun.  It is an honor to get to know these women more, train together and create friendships. Did I mention how cool it was at our first meeting? Instant connections were made.

Come along as we share our tales.

First up on my race schedule is Ironman St. George 70.3.  2015 saw many changes in my life that ignited  the fire within me to burn brighter. It was the first year in 10 I did not do an ironman or race much.  I am so excited this year to race! Let’s Do This!?