Pam Goodley

Pam is going into her fourth year in triathlon, after being a runner for more than 20 years. Competing in distances from sprint to full Ironman, Pam considers the journey “continuing education,” always striving to learn more, especially with cycling and open-water swimming. Along with regional races in California, Pam has also traveled to Canada and Hawaii to complete in 70.3 and 140.6 races. She plans the same for 2017, with a focus on improving her times on courses on the Big Island and in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. In addition to triathlon, Pam enjoys flatwater kayaking, downhill and cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Aside from the physical and mental benefits of athletics, Pam values the friendships forged with people all over the world, all connected through triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and other sports.

Pam lives in Sacramento close to the American River Parkway, and works fulltime at an aerospace company. You’ll often find her training on the Parkway or in the nearby Sierra foothills. In winter she enjoys downhill and skate skiing in Tahoe. Pam considers the Parkway and nearby Lake Natoma to be a couple of the region’s greatest assets for running, cycling, swimming, paddling, dog-walking, and seeing wildlife. Outdoors is her “gym,” and she loves to inspire others to #FreeplayOutside.

Quick Facts

  • Loves animals and likely won’t get tired of your dog and cat photos.
  • Motto is “Be Positive, Be Grateful”. It is on her Road ID bracelet. B positive is also her blood type!
  • Fantasy careers are being a singer (can’t sing), an actress (no acting experience), a writer, journalist, detective (Secret Squirrel?) or manager of an animal sanctuary.
  • Loves potatoes (sweet, red, russet), which means she could probably survive on Mars.
  • Been a plant-based athlete since beginning triathlon.
  • Has run the Boston Marathon five times.

2017 Schedule

April 2 – Sactown 5K
April 9 – Napa HITS Olympic distance
May 13 – Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3
June 3 – Ironman Hawaii 70.3
June 25 – USAP California Olympic distance, Pleasanton
July 30 – Ironman Canada 70.3
August 20 – Ironman Mont-Tremblant

2016 Results

Super Sunday Run 10K; 2nd AG
Ironman Honu 70.3 Triathlon; 3rd AG
Ironman Canada; 4th AG
Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz; 4th AG

Race Highlights

Five-time Boston marathon finisher (most recently 2014)
Santa Rosa Marathon; 2nd AG 2013
Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon; 3rd AG 2014
Barb’s Race (70.3); 2nd AG 2014
Challenge Rancho Cordova (70.3); 2nd AG 2014
Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon; 1st AG 2015
Tri for Real Olympic Tri; 1st AG 2015
Ironman Victoria 70.3; 2nd AG 2015
Ironman Mont Tremblant 140.6, 8th AG 2015

Pam’s Blog

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