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Not every morning training session starts with a smile on your face and a hop, skip, and jump out of bed! Truth be told, most of my morning sessions start with a groan, a push of the snooze button and some sort of muttered complaint! Depending on what I am doing and how long each training session will last this helps me plan my fuel plan. I am a bit of a camel when it comes to fluid intake so most sessions start with a tall glass of water and will not involve the need for re-hydration during the session, again, depends on what I am doing or how long the session will last.

The most important item to get ready for an early morning training session is comfort for attire. I am a sweaty betty! All session involve sweat and often a lot of salt! You will rarely find me in long pants or long shirts when running. Riding is different, we have to respect the wind chill factor. Swimming…I don’t wetsuit often, but when I do, it best be F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!

Recovery…ahhhh my favorite. Most early morning training sessions involve fantasizing about coffee. Not any coffee though. I am a bit of a coffee snob. I like french press (when I have time), slow drip (when I can find a local spot…Courthouse Coffee in Auburn has it down to a science), but usually grind my own beans to run through my Keurig (coffee lovers resist your urge to shun me). Lastly, I am a HUGE fan of foam rolling (I can be found in the corner sweating and biting on something for comfort) and I own a pair of Recovery Pumps which have been instrumental to executing back to back training sessions.

What important items do you find essential for your early morning training sessions. Post comments below. Happy zombie work day ya’ll!