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Foam Rolling: What You Need to Know

Foam Rolling: What You Need to Know

Lots of athletes have purchased foam rollers in recent years but because they do not know exactly how to incorporate them into their training and recovery process these rollers often get pushed to the back of the closet never to be seen again. With proper training and... read more

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How to Plan Your Off-Season

How to Plan Your Off-Season

The following is an excerpt from the How to Plan Your Off-Season article taken from the November—December 2015 issue of Freeplay magazine. The off-season typically resurrects the love–hate relationship athletes have with downtime. While we dream of the ability to do... read more


Kelly Booth Eyes a Marathon PR

Kelly Booth Eyes a Marathon PR

Kelly Booth was a high school cross country athlete who started running marathons in college. Since her first one she hasn’t stopped. Earlier this year she raced the Boston Marathon which was the 10th marathon of her running career. Right now she has her sights set on...

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What is Freeplay Magazine?

Freeplay Magazine is an Endurance Sports Lifestyle Magazine for Women.

Freeplay Magazine was born to fill the need of a large and active women’s endurance sports community. Freeplay is an independent magazine that shares inspirational stories about athletes, provides insight on industry fashion, travel and nutrition and well as highlights key industry news in endurance sports. The magazine sprang to life in 2010 on a flight from Maui to Sacramento, California. The need for the publication was so great that even with a first issue best described as a nice try, thousands of women sought out the second.

Freeplay began as a quarterly magazine, but with the increasing demand for more content from it’s readers, Freeplay increased it’s yearly number of issues to 6, and introduced holiday and special bonus issues to bolster it’s presence on the newsstands. Due to it’s steady growth Freeplay soon became a premier venue to sell products to women immersed in the endurance sports lifestyle.

The combination of strong editorial by current professional athletes and powerful photography, coupled with industry centric advertisements offering products for the active women transformed Freeplay from a mere magazine into a resource for women in the endurance sports community.

Freeplay Magazine continues to thrive as the ONLY women’s specific endurance sports lifestyle magazine in the world that infuses fashion with endurance sports such as running, triathlon, cycling and paddle boarding. While the internet cannot supplant the printed magazine, it has become an important resource with a rapidly growing audience. Freeplay is making a substantial investment in upgrading its website and will be featuring a large amount of content from past and current issues. In addition Freeplay will also be launching a mobile device specific app in the coming months.

In 2015 Freeplay magazine launched a women’s triathlon team. Freeplay Triathlon Team is composed of 10 professional and top age-group triathletes. The team, which is based out of Northern California, will be competing major triathlons across the country throughout the year including Wildflower Triathlon, California 70.3, and Challenge Rancho Cordova. In addition to Freeplay magazine, Freeplay team athletes are sponsored by Salming Running, HUUB USA, Rudy Project North America, Fluid Sports Nutrition, Nature’s Bakery and Temple Coffee.

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