This week we will be focusing on some higher intensity efforts that focus on lactate threshold and above. This above threshold session will bump up your current threshold and ability to hold onto threshold for longer. This is a longer, more intense workout that will get you into great race shape.

Trainer Tuesday – Above Threshold Session #6

Warm Up:
20 minute build into zone 2 focusing on a higher cadence 90+
5 x 1 minute on build up into Z4-Z5 1 min recovery
5 minute easy

Above Threshold Session:
5-10 minute recovery between each effort:

2×15 min +5 watts above threshold/ zone 4
2×10 minute +10 watts above threshold/ zone 4/ 3-4 beats higher than last effort
2×5 minute +15 watts above threshold/zone 5/4-5 beats higher than last effort

2 minute recovery between each 1 min effort:
5×1 minute +30 watts above threshold/ zone 5/5 beats higher than last effort
5-10 minute recovery between

Cool Down:
10-20 minute gradually easing up on the power and focusing on a higher cadence

RPE Scale

Trainer Tuesday Mackenzie Madison RPE Scale Freeplay Women Magazine

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Heart Rate Chart

Trainer Tuesday Mackenzie Madison Heart-Rate-Zone-Chart Freeplay magazine women

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Mackenzie Madison is a professional triathlete and coach with multiple podium finishes at Ironman and Half Ironman races. Mackenzie has been competing in triathlon for over 16 years and coaching for over 8 years. Mackenzie also races as an elite cyclist and ran Division I Cross Country and Track during her undergraduate at Iowa State University. She has her Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of Oregon in Eugene where she currently resides. Mackenzie coaches athletes who want professional guidance while taking their racing to the next level. Mackenzie has coached everyone from Junior elites, to masters to Nike professional runners and loves it. To learn more about Mackenzie or being coached by Mackenzie visit