After completing the Bayshore 70.4 Tri, I thought I would be starting my training build into Ironman Texas but my IT Band had another agenda.  Not only was I unable to build my running base into Ironman Texas, I was forced to make a tough decision to sit out of the Boston Marathon.  But as I look back on this time, I realize that a few other events in my life helped to take my mind off my IT band injury and pay it forward in the sport of running.

This spring, I started a running program at my kid’s elementary school – it’s been a dream of mine to share my passion on running with others.  So this spring, 80 kids (kindergarten through 5th grade) signed up to participate in a running program in preparation for a local 5k race.  Two times a week for several weeks, these kids showed up for running club to learn about running form, healthy eating, recovery, tempo work, and track intervals.  Every week, I had more kids coming up to me asking if they could join the running club.  It was such a neat experience for me to share my love of running at a time when I was unable to run myself.

Upon completion of the running club, the 4th and 5th graders started training for the All-Elementary School Track meet to be held at the beginning of May which included a few field events, some relays, and the mile run.  Our school was hoping to defend our title from last year where we won it for the first time in the school history.  I am happy to report that we successfully defended our title and brought home the trophy for 2016!  But what was most rewarding that day was seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces as the competed in their events.  A few of the kids told me that they didn’t think they could complete the mile or they were worried about not being able to jump very high – but I reassured them to get out of their comfort zone and give it a try.  A piece of advice that I need to remember myself.IMG_3535IMG_3540IMG_3581










This spring, I had the opportunity to speak to the Middle School Track Team about hard work and dedication.  Even though I wasn’t able to run in the Boston Marathon, I was still able to volunteer at the BAA 5k (this was my 3rd year to volunteer at the BAA 5K).2016 BAA 5K Gear Check Team


Sometimes in our darkest times, the brightest light comes from an unexpected place!IMG_3677