Tori Tyler racing CIM 2014

SRA Elite athlete Tori Tyler (Bib #66) racing CIM 2014

Sacramento Running Association women’s team went head to head with the Bay Area Track Club Saturday at the Lodi Mile. SRA Elite’s women team,

which consisted of Geena Lara, Ayla Granados and Tori Tyler, went 2nd, 3rd, and 5th in the women’s race to grab the win in the team competition. Lara was SRA Elite’s first finisher to cross the line. She ran a 4:42 which was less than a second behind the winner, Ruriko Kubo of the Bay Area Track Club. Granados was right on Lara’s heals posting a time of 4:43. Tyler finished strong in 5th with a time of 4:51.

“I was excited to get out of my comfort zone and compete with exceptionally fast women,” Tyler said. “My goal was to stick my nose in the race and let the time take care of itself. I’ve never broken the 5 minute barrier for the mile, so I was pleased with the 4:51 time and our team taking the title.”

Tyler recently qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon at the California International Marathon last December. Her time of 2:38.48 was well under the B Standard qualifying time of 2:43. Her next race will be the Credit Union SacTown 10 miler on April 12. This race is one the Sacramento Running Association’s premier events and will serve as the PAUSATF 10 Mile Championship this year.

SRA Elite running team is part of the Sacramento Running Association. The Sacramento Running Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding new ways to encourage people of all ages and abilities to run. The SRA is committed to developing new, quality running events that appeal to a broad variety of runners.