With the chaos of life and stress of constant training, sometimes the best thing you can do for your mind and body is get away from your typical day, planned training schedule or your every day surroundings. My friends were headed down to Southern California for a fun few days, when they asked me to come with them I didn’t even think twice about it and said yes! It wasn’t until about an hour later I said to myself, I can’t go I have an FTP test this week, what about my three and a half hour bike ride with a run after, how will I get my swim in… but I couldn’t pass up a trip to my favorite place with some of my best friends. Within 5 minutes I had talked to my coach, rearranged my plan and started packing my bags to head on a spur the moment road trip.

When I arrived in Orange County on Thursday I was so happy to be down there, enjoy the beauty of So Cal and of course, work on my tan. We spent Friday at Disneyland and there was nothing better than seeing the sweet little kids faces light up when they saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the first time. Saturday consisted of going to the beach, working on the 4th discipline of triathlons (tanning), eating at the best restaurants, getting our juice fix (because we have a huge obsession with juices) and having fun with more of our friends who live down there.

Of course, what’s a little vacation without some type of race? Despite not having many long runs under my belt, as my focus has primarily been cycling, I was easily convinced to lace up my running shoes for a 15 mile run (warm up, race 13.1 miles, cool down). No goal pace, no nutrition in my pockets, basically my game plan was non existent which is not typical for me. A few miles in I started to panic that my pace wasn’t what it normally is, then I realized I came here to have fun and get away from ‘the plan’. So instead of looking at my watch I just ran and enjoyed every second of running along the ocean with the sun beating down on me giving me that awesome racerback tan line. After the race we hung around the beach, refueled with more juices and talked about our upcoming races.


Even though this race was not my ‘A Race’ or even ‘B or C Race’ and there was no PR or podium at the finish, it was the exact type of training day I needed. Many athletes get so focused on ‘the plan’ and sticking to a set schedule that they forget to have fun and enjoy life outside of racing and training. I want to be a successful athlete and I think the key to being a successful athlete is having balance and knowing it’s okay to not follow a plan every day of your life. Life’s too short to stick to a schedule, plus if I had said no to this last minute trip I wouldn’t have gotten to see the excitement of a two year old in Disneyland, I wouldn’t have these tan lines, I’d still be craving the best juices So Cal has to offer and I’d be ‘liking’ my friends posts wishing I was there. Always say yes to adventures.

I do have to admit, spur the moment racing is a lot easier when you have an awesome team supporting you and constantly helping you out. Huge thank you to, Freeplay MagazineRudy ProjectNatures BakerySalmingXX2iFolsom BikeHoffart ChiropracticFLUIDSacramento Running AssociationObduraVitality Multisport.

Less than 8 weeks until I’m back down this way. Time to kick it up a notch and work on my tan before race day!



Obdura: To be hard, persist, outlast.