While I was driving up to Truckee yesterday for a mountain bike ride I was trying to come up with a perfect and eloquent answer as to why I run for Global Running Day. After searching and searching I just couldn’t come up with something I liked and then I realized it is simple…I run because it is fun!

We all know that running makes you feel good – fit, strong, healthy and of course full of endorphins but running gives you so much more. Running introduces you to people you would have otherwise never crossed paths with. Running strengthens friendships. I think sweat is like a magical glue that holds your friendships together –friends who sweat together; stay together! And through running you can enjoy nature, “hike” further, faster and when you feel like you need an extra vacation can just book a destination race – “I have to go to Maui this weekend to run the marathon.” It works every time.

But like anything make sure you read the fine print first. As much fun as I think running is it is not always rosy. Over the years running has caused heartbreak. It has caused me to question my sanity. It has caused me to wish ill thoughts upon myself – If I twist my ankle I won’t have to finish this race. And on more than one occasion I have even uttered – I hate this! I am never doing this again. But like clockwork as soon as I cross the line I start scouring the Internet for my next event. #idlethreats

Despite all the “fine print” running really is fun and there is nowhere I’d rather run than in Sac!


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