The Gold Rush 50k is done and dusted! Despite being an exhausting (and long) day I look back on this adventure with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Not only did I get to check my first 50k of my bucket list I also got these 5 fun items over the course of training for it and racing it:

  1. Stitches in the elbows.
  2. Poison oak three times.
  3. Minor black eye.
  4. Bloody knees twice.
  5. But most importantly I got an awesome medal and fun day* with friends.

*It didn’t really categorize it as a fun day until after I was able to process what transpired. Roughly 24 hours later…

So what did I learn…a lot! But my top 10 are as follows:

  1. Follow a training plan.
  2. Run more leading up to the event.
  3. Poison oak is inevitable.
  4. So is falling.
  5. Run more. I think I already said this but it would have come in really handy around mile 20!
  6. Checking your pace on the trails really isn’t that motivating.
  7. Dropping your Oreo in the dirt and then eating it anyway is totally acceptable.
  8. Grabbing gummy bears out of a community bowl even though someone else’s sweaty hands already played with them is OK!
  9. It is cheaper to do 4 trail races + visit the Urgent Care three times than it is to do one half Ironman.
  10. Swapping race war stories with friends at the Fat Rabbit post-race is the perfect ending to a long day on the trails!

I am already looking forward to the next race (to be decided soon) and Gold Rush 50k 2017 where I can take what I learned and put it to good use!


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