From left: My friends Dana, Cassey, Michelle and me after finishing. We were happy and sweaty!

From left: My friends Dana, Cassey, Michelle and me after finishing. We were happy and sweaty!

Coming off of my long, drawn out CIM (California International Marathon) experience and not the best race of my life (you can read all about it in my previous blog post), I was ready for something lighthearted and fun that required very little additional training. When my gym, Lifetime Athletic started to advertise an indoor tri, I thought it would be the perfect antidote to my tapped out body and mind.

So, on January 4th, my friends and I showed up at a little after 7:00 AM – sleeping in for triathlon standards – to participate in the ‘Hour of Power’.  This triathlon was very much a sprint race, 10 minute swim, 30 minute ride on the spin bike, and 20 minute run on the treadmill.  We started out with a nice little swim warm up, hopped out to the hot tub (huge perk of an indoor tri), and waited for the countdown.  We started right on time, 8:00 AM.  I started out feeling good and quickly got into a rhythm.   Ten minutes was up before I knew it.  Check!  Off to the cycle room we went!

I hopped on the bike (which I had already set up) and began my 30 minutes. I rode hard, blasting my ears with my favorite playlist – a ridiculous collection of songs that faithfully get my booty in gear.  I worked hard, suffered (in a good way), and finished strong.  Check, check!  One more to go!



I LOVE the treadmills at my gym. I pretty much have a relationship with them.  One of the things I love about these treadmills is the dot that goes around the virtual track, depicting exactly where I would be if I were running on a track.  It is a constant blinking beacon that whispers or sometimes shouts, ‘don’t stop, don’t quit!  You’re almost there!’  So, I hopped on my treadmill and off I went.  I started out strong and as I ran, felt stronger. I increased my pace.  I maintained that pace, and finished my 20 minutes.  Check, check, check and done!

I was tired and happy. My friends and I were able to stay together the entire time – a most definite perk of an indoor tri. The team at Lifetime did a great job.  Everything was organized and fun. I snagged an OA (overall) win, a great experience, and a really cool shirt.

This lighthearted and fun morning ended up being just the right thing to kick off my year.  Cheers to a new year and a fresh start!