The 2014 season is now approaching and I couldn’t be happier. There have been so many exciting opportunities lately it will be hard to name them all. But Here is part 1of many things to be thankful for!

#1 So proud to be representing Coeur Sports again this season   Heart&courage



#2- I get to work with the best coach ever! Torsten Abel  I finally found a coach where I have complete trust and get one on one communication.  I am very excited to be heading to Tucson to work with him this Feb.

logo torsten#3- Ridng for DNA Cycling p/b Plan7 Team

DNA Cycling
Plan 7 Endurance Coaching
Mercury Cycling
Wasatch Bike Support
Rudy Project
Solutions Clinic
OSMO Nutrition
Attract Interact
Cotton Sox Photography
Giant Bicycles
Vittoria Tires
Tour de Park City
Miller Guymon, PC
Utah Bike Racing
Cycling Utah

dna#4 I got a sweet job at Athletic Republic in Park City, Utah.  I get to work with athletes of all ages and sports. Here is a little background on why athletes choose AR.

Our underlying mission is to tip the scales of sport in your favor.  Whether it’s adding 4 inches of height on a vertical jump or subtracting 0.4 seconds from an athlete’s 40-yard dash; if there is an advantage to be had, we’re the ones to find it.  We know how to develop competitive athletes.  Using state-of-the-art performance testing tools with synchronized video to document progress, we’ve tested, studied and perfected our training programs so you gain the ability to improve your play and the confidence to win.  Every individualized program is based on fundamental test data that identifies your strengths and targets your weaknesses.  Our proven methods safely push you past your limits – increasing the competitive skills required to be a champion:  Speed, First-step Quickness, Explosive Power, Lateral Movement Skills, Dynamic Stability and Overall Athletic Conditioning.


Stay Tuned…Part 2 of exciting things come soon