Less than 10 weeks to go until I tackle my first race of the 2016 season, in Oceanside, California. I am getting anxious already and looking forward to seeing my off-season training pay off.

Oceanside 70.3, 2015

Oceanside 70.3, 2015

After Ironman Tahoe 70.3 I took some time to rest, let my body recover by doing other things that were not swim, bike, run and I ate a lot! Literally, my coach Jon ordered me to eat and gain weight. At first I didn’t want to listen because being at race weight, lean and fast is awesome but then I remembered how much I love donuts and pizza so it wasn’t too hard to follow orders. Tempo runs to the donut shop turned into walks with friends to the donut shop, which was better than driving to the donut shop.

Our off-season plan was to improve on the bike so I biked until my legs couldn’t pedal, and then biked some more. Being a runner before a triathlete I am confident in my running ability and was willing to give up my usual weekly millage to focus on building my cycling strength. There were many days where I dreaded the trainer, didn’t hit my target numbers or had no turn left in my legs but my coach reminded me that consistency is the key to long term success so I stuck to his plan for me and kept plugging away at it.

Now we’re getting into race specific training- more hours, less donuts and back to training with some fast friends (more like chasing them from a distance). I’m ready to get the season underway and looking forward to being in sunny San Diego with my family, friends, team and to go out there and do my thing!

A huge thank you to the people who are in my corner helping and supporting me along the way. I couldn’t have gotten through this cold, rainy off season without the constant support of my encouraging family and friends, motivating teammates, smart and wise coach and of course Freeplay MagazineRudy ProjectNatures BakerySalmingXX2iFolsom BikeHoffart ChiropracticFLUIDSacramento Running AssociationObduraVitality Multisport, thank you for all the support, believing in us and help make it possible for us to succeed.

Less than 10 weeks until we get this season underway, see you in Oceanside!!!



photo credit: jessicarankinphotography