Last year I was privileged to be on the first Team Freeplay team. So many amazing athletes I was really honored!! Friends and family would ask me questions about what a triathlon team actually is. “Do you all race all the same races?” me “Uh, no.” “Do you all race ironman distances?” “Uh, no.”  “Do you always train together?” “Uh, no…” “So what the heck is a triathlon team?” “Uh…” So after a year on the team I can finally answer some of those questions, at least answer what the team is to me.

The team is to me: Fellowship. At the Wildflower triathlon three of us on the team (me, Robin, & Christine with our spouses) shared a campsite, along with our awesome sponsor FLUID founder Richard & his lovely wife Adrienne. And besides my teammates racing Saturday and me not until Sunday (with very little sleep, ahem Culligan water people next to us) it was maybe the most fun trip of the year. We cheered for each other while racing, took a bunch of photos, sat around a campfire at night singing and telling stories, had my two young kids climb into a small window of an RV because a guy locked his keys inside (long story). With a good friend and previous two-time Olympian Victor Plata as one of the announcers (thanks for the Freeplay shout-outs Victor!) it was an amazing time of fellowship.


Robin, me, & Christine with the FLUID van at our campsite.

The team to me is: Support. At the Auburn Triathlon two of us (Kelsey doing the half, me the international) were racing. While two local teammates (Robin & Stephanie) came to cheer us on. Sean got some lovely photos of us while cycling, and not so lovely photos of us while suffering up a hill at the end of a tough run. (just kidding Sean, your photos are beautiful. Our pain faces? not so much). Kelsey and I got plenty of cheers and support throughout the race.

auburn tri

Robin cheering for me (or looking at her phone? Just kidding Robin, you rock!) while I tell her about adding a couple hundred extra meters to my swim. Because why not?

The team to me is: Encouragement. I got to know most of my teammates well and we followed each other’s training and races either via social media, online race updates, or in person. At my big race of the year, Nationals in Milwaukee, I received texts and social media encouragements from teammates. After the race a couple teammates told me how they followed me via the live race updates and were very encouraging despite me feeling like it wasn’t my best performance. It really meant a lot to know they did that. You guys are amazing.

The team to me is: Fun! Along with Wildflower, Nationals in Milwaukee was a blast (after the race of course). Hitting the town with teammate Kelsey and my hubby Greg, after I raced that morning and after she raced the pro super-sprint that afternoon, was such a good time. We had so much fun going out and seeing many other athletes about town including the amazing Karen Smyers. (If you don’t know who she is, look her up! I had to. I haven’t been doing triathlons very long. But she’s amazing!). That evening was filled with yummy food & drink, and plenty of laughter!


me & Kelsey in Milwaukee. And I can neither confirm nor deny that we climbed up those poles. Or danced.

And the icing on the cake for being on the team would be our amazing sponsors. They believe in us and support us throughout the year. There truly isn’t one that I’m not super passionate about and so thankful that they are a sponsor. Thanks to Salming, LOVE the shoes (and clothing). I really think I run faster in these shoes. No joke. I’m that kid who claims to jump higher and run faster in my new Salming kicks. Nature’s Bakery, YUM! enough said. Except healthy. Oh and my kids love them. Now I’m hungry for a #figbar. Rudy Project, fastest helmets out there. Thanks for keeping us safe and stylish. XX2i, practical yet cool looking sunglasses. Folsom Bike, amazing store and super supportive of female athletes. Tri like a girl! Hoffart Chiropractic, thanks for keeping me aligned & healthy! You really do End The Pain. FLUID, you guys rock AND make the best sports drinks! The chocolate recovery is seriously amazing. Sometimes I justify an easy workout as needing recovery so I can have some. Sacramento Running Association put on awesome races that attract lightning fast competitors. And of course, last but not least, Freeplay Magazine. We wouldn’t all be here if it wasn’t for your support and vision of this team and making it all a reality. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us. And plus the magazine is a great read.

Here’s to another year of Fellowship, Support, Encouragement, and Fun with Team Freeplay 2016!