At the end of February I agreed to join teammate Erin Wachter at the TBF Racing Lost Trail Half Marathon. Out of shape and lacking trail skills I knew I was in for a challenge but who can pass up an opportunity to race with a friend around Folsom Lake.

As expected the race was hard but is it possible to do a race that isn’t hard?  I promised myself that I would run “easier” for the first half and then pick it up if I felt good and I am glad I did. I was able to pick it up to secure second overall.

I learned that running the trails is hard – jumping over rocks, run from side to side at times, steep climbs and tricky descents but it was a refreshing change from Ironman training and chasing PRs on the road and a great opportunity to get in long runs with aid station support!

Next up was the TBF Racing Chanoko 30k+(plus because it was almost 20 miles). I call this race the Poison Oak 30k because I walked away with enough poison oak for 3-4 people! The race took place the weekend of the big storm in March. Trees had fallen and covered parts of the trail leaving runners no choice but to climb through the bushes. These sections were so thick with foliage that you couldn’t decipher what was poison oak and what was just pretty green plants!IMG_8386

This was my longest run ever (outside of the Ironman). I started fading the last few miles but I was happy with my effort, enjoyed being out their with fellow triathlete, Robin Soares, and happy to have got the win!

Stay tuned for my report on Inside Trail Racing’s Knickbocker 35k and the Woodside Crossover 35k…