The 2015 edition of the Western States 100 proved to be an exciting one. Michele Yates and Joelle Vaught led early in the race but by the Miller’s Defeat checkpoint at mile 34.4 last year’s champion, Stephanie Howe, took the lead followed by local favorite Magdalena Boulet. Howe continued to run in first through Michigan Bluff but was passed by Boulet before Foresthill School checkpoint (62 miles). By Brown’s Bar Boulet extended her lead over Howe to 30+ minutes while Kaci Lickteig followed Howe in third. Lickteig continued to surge and moved herself into 2nd by Highway 49 with Howe in 3rd, Aliza Lapierre in 4th and Emma Roca in 5th. The top 5 women did not change from this point to the finish on the Placer High track where Boulet was crowned the 2015 Western States 100 Champion.