For what seems to be “for as long as I can remember” I have struggled with tight hamstrings and hip flexors (as well as keeping my pelvis from rotating and slipping). Over the past 10 years I have spend a large chunk of change diagnosing the problem and treating it. After trial and error (and a few tears) I finally found that combining physical therapy sessions at Body Concepts in Folsom with chiropractic services from Hoffart Chiropractic was the perfect combination to keep me moving and “off the bench”. At the end of each session I am usually given a series of stretches and exercises to do at home. I wish I could say that I was as diligent about doing these as I am about checking off workouts in my training log but I am not. Usually after a day or two I start skipping my at-home sessions until eventually I stop doing them altogether.


Last year we (Freeplay Magazine) ran a piece on incorporating barre classes into endurance training. In preparation for the piece I tried out a few. It was a humbling experience. Despite all the miles I log each week swimming, cycling and running I was unable to complete the exercises at The Dailey Method without breaks and definitely had to take advantage of the barre strap and band to off-set my lack of flexibility.


Although I knew that The Dailey Method would be the perfect addition to my training schedule, I did not continue with the classes. About a month ago in preparation for St. George 70.3 I found myself sidelined from running with an injury related to my pelvis. After I got over feeling sorry for myself I finally decided to commit to prevention instead of constant cycle of post injury rehab. It got to the point that when people would ask what I was training for I would say that I was training for my next injury. As humorous as it sounds it was true.


This is only my second week but I am proud to say of I have completed 5 sessions at The Dailey Method in Roseville. And most importantly I am loving it. The hour class provides me with strength exercises and stretches designed to work on spinal length, mobility and balance.



Despite the challenging nature of each class I look forward to each one. I find them relaxing and the perfect way to end your day.


Hope to see you at The Dailey Method soon!