Year 2 with Team Freeplay is under way and I couldn’t be happier. 2016 looks to be an inspiring, yet busy year for the Freeplay athletes with women competing every month of theyear. Last weekend’s team meeting definitely kicked me back into competitive mode. Listening to everyone’s goals for the season and their dedication to the sport was just what I needed to get me geared up to race again.

As team director this season I am looking forward to supporting the 15 women on the team while they set out to reach their goals. While these women have proven themselves as fierce competitors on race day, they are also truly ambassadors for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon. If you haven’t had a chance to read more about them, I urge you to take a moment to view the individual athlete pages on our site. You will not be disappointed!

As for my race schedule for the year – If you have been following my athletic endeavors for the past few months you are probably aware that I am shifting my focus from triathlon training to paddle boarding. I have some big goals for myself but I will save those for another time. Right now I am just working on technique, paddle fitness, and upper body strength with the help of Paddle Elite Fitness and The Ranch Athletics.

And because sometimes sports are about small victories…I am also looking forward to the day that I can jump on my board and paddle without making my toes falling asleep due to the death grip I have on the board.