P1090106Although we are a few weeks into January, it is only now that I feel like the new season is here. This past weekend ten amazing women with different backgrounds, goals and age gathered in Sacramento for the Team Freeplay 2016 kick-off meeting.

After sitting out last year’s pre-meeting workout I felt lucky to be able to start my day with an hour and half run with the new team athletes along the American River Bike Trail. I have to admit running along the trail with these ladies was one of the highlights of my day. It is not often that I have the opportunity to enjoy a run with such a large group of women who love endurance sports. Following the morning sweat session we met to discuss the upcoming season and do some team “house keeping” but don’t be mistaken the there was plenty of time for stories, laughter and mingling.

Sitting around the table Saturday were mothers, journalists, teachers, instructors, accountants, health care professionals and of course…runners, triathletes, swimmers, mountain bikers and paddle boarders. This group of women is truly amazing on and off on the “court” and I don’t think it will take long for you to figure out why. I can go on and on about the day but the most important take away is that I am so excited and honored that all of these women chose to represent Freeplay magazine and our sponsors this year.

To learn more about Team Freeplay visit: www.teamfreeplay.com

Team Freeplay is proudly sponsored by: Folsom Bike, Sacramento Running Association, Hoffart Chiropractic, Fluid Nutrition, Nature’s Bakery, Rudy Project, XX2i Optics and Salming Running.







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