Triathlon is a team sport. For many people who toe the line, there is an army of people who have helped that person get there. For some, it’s about getting to that finish and for others, it’s about performing. But for everyone out there that day, there are countless others who are there in spirit – ones who are not actually competing but who have contributed a significant amount of effort to the athlete’s ability to race that day.

I am 110% sure that I would not be where I am, performing like I am, and be able to keep up this demanding lifestyle if it weren’t for the team of people behind me. My husband first and foremost, family, coach, teammates (past and present), sponsors, friends, bike fit specialist, nutritionist, massage therapist, chiropractor, doctors, and even my employer… have all been a big part of my race successes. I like to think I am not a high maintenance person in real life, but when I think about all the people who have supported me throughout the years to get me to where I am today, it seems as though I may be a little high maintenance!

Robin Oceanside Run

Photo by Brian Pomeroy

I am amazed at what it takes to perform at an elite level, and what it will take to be able to succeed at it. It’s not easy and I know I couldn’t do it without the support. Before I started triathlon, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. I was excited to combine the 3 disciplines I have competed in individually. Over the past few years, I have realized how much I don’t know, and am continuing to learn how to live this lifestyle with the fabulous support team I have behind me. I look forward to growing together with everyone for many years to come.