It is the beginning of February and there are a few things I am certain of right now. One -I am getting stronger. I know this not only because I can do more push-ups and bench more than I could last fall but also because I recently put a shirt on for work and it didn’t fit and worse I couldn’t get it off. I contemplated suffering in the uncomfortable shirt all day but instead chose to wake up Sean to ask for help. He looked at me somewhat bleary-eyed and asked what I did to my shirt which of course I replied nothing; my deltoids are to blame!

Secondly I am not in 5k shape right now. I was totally fine with this…at least until race morning when I had to figure out how to run 3.1 miles without imploding, suffering and getting beat by my friends’ kids. On the drive to the race start I managed to talk myself out of participating in the event but once I got there and saw my teammates, friends, and the race atmosphere I realized that running with everyone would be way more fun that hanging on the sidelines and it was! I also managed to achieve two of my three goals during the race– I didn’t implode and I minimized the suffering. And while I didn’t get beat by any of my friends’ kids several kids did beat me which made the day all the more fun. How often does a 40 year old get to run to the finish on the heels of a 12 year old boy! In the end I managed to finish 10th and sneak away with an age group win which landed me a huge gold ring and what girl doesn’t enjoy adding a little sparkle to her jewelry collection!