There is no better way to spend a sunny winter day in California than outside. I kicked off last weekend at Folsom Bike for the second Tri Like a Girl workout. The turn-out was amazing – 16 energetic women from newbies to seasoned Ironman athletes ready to log some miles for the upcoming triathlon season!

But what I loved most about the morning was the energy in the air outside Folsom Bike. The 16 of us were just a handful of the cyclists rearing to go that morning. Up on the patio was a group of regulars enjoying some pre-ride coffee at Folsom Grind while the rest of the parking lot was filled with the black and green jerseys from the Herbalife p/b Marc Pro Nature’s Bakery Elite men’s cycling team. They were about to embark on a grueling 100 miler in the hills.

As Erin Gorrell, the owner of Folsom Bike, bounced from group to group visiting with everyone before they headed off I thought to myself this is exactly what every town needs – a shop that is more than just a place to purchase gear – a hub in the community where people of all ability can come together as one to share their love of cycling. And that is what Folsom Bike is.

The following morning, Super Sunday 5k/10k, proved to be another fun-filled morning but this time on two feet instead of two wheels. The race, which was staged at Sacramento State University, was definitely was a family centered event with kids races, music, food and people decked out in the colors of their favorite teams. While this race was a party atmosphere, the front runners were definitely racing hard with women’s winning times in the mid-16’s for the 5k and 38 for the 10k. Like Saturday it was great to see so many athletes of different levels (from kids to elites) racing together and kicking off their Super Bowl Sunday with a little lung burning fun!


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