FullSizeRenderEverywhere you look you see signs that spring is right around the corner – cherry trees are full of pink blossoms and bright yellow daffodils are basking in the sun. But there is more than just pretty flowers and the Easter bunny on the way – the spring racing seeing is quickly approaching. This past weekend I had the opportunity to be involved with several pre-race season events from the Freeplay Pro Panel at Folsom Bike to the High School Spike Day with the Sacramento Running Association at Fleet Feet J Street to the first of three Gold Rush 50k training runs. Through these events I had the was lucky enough to be able to interact with 15 year old kids just getting into the sport, pro athletes at their prime and longtime trail runners who have over 30 years of experience in the dirt . Although the athletes’ ages varied by 30-40-50 years, the one thing that was in common at all of these events was the love for their sport!IMG_8100


I love to hear what excites you most about spring racing this year!

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