I love Saturday’s! They are my lazy days! By anyone’s standards these days are far from lazy with a 4 hour bike ride and maybe even a swim every now and again.  With Monday through Friday being a rat race and Sunday a typically early morning run, Saturday is my day where I stroll about in no particular hurry at all.  This slowing of the pace lets my mind recharge and gives my body a little extra recovery before the weekend’s long workouts! This often means I head out solo on my bike but sometimes having a little extra time to unwind first is worth it.

My typical Saturday looks like this:

8:15 Roll out of bed and take a shower.

8:45 Feed the greyhounds.

9:00 Take a leisurely walk with the pups and Sean.

9:45 Coffee time. Ok I won’t lie; I ordered that pastry again!

11:00 Not sure what I did but spending the morning relaxing was sure nice!

12:00 Gear up for that long ride.

12:30 Head out on two wheels.

4:30 Roll into the driveway…