We headed to Santa Monica last weekend for the the elite paddle board races at the Santa Monica Pier Paddle – we have some upcoming women’s SUP pieces we needed to work on for Freeplay. The Santa Monica Pier Paddle is an amazing event with races and entertainment for everyone (more on this in an upcoming blog on www.freeplaymagazine.com). I figured if I am already there why not jump in the one mile ocean swim and the run-swim-run a few hours after that. It would be a great way to get a workout or two in before getting to “work”.

HR_Export_Open_Water-0120Since I don’t have a wetsuit I chose the non-wetsuit divison afterall it is almost officially summer and we are in SoCal. I will be fine I thought. And I was…after I defrosted, chattered for 20 minutes, changed and took a hot shower just to turn around and jump back in for race #2.

Despite the cold and rough water (and whining) I am excited to return to this event next year but am hoping it will be with a board in tow! Here are a few thoughts that crossed my mind as I navigated around the course for the one mile open water swim.


santa monicafinal