I did the Ruck A Chuck 50K trail run March 18, and a month later the TBF Icebreaker sprint triathlon… two vastly different races so I figured I’d list the differences between the two.

50K: go slow, then go slower (actual advice given to me out on course). Finish. Bonus: stay injury free.
IB: go fast, then go faster. Bonus: don’t fall off bike when getting on bike. Or break said bike.

50K: chilly, sun came out, a little rain, some clouds, then sun, then clouds (it was a long day).
IB: chilly (water low 50s), sun out.

Overall elevation gain, total race distance

50K: 5568 feet, 31 miles (all running)
800ish feet, 16miles (swim, bike, run)

Nutrition intake
50K: 4 sleeves of shot bloks, 4 waffle cookies, numerous gluten-free Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars.
IB: forgot shot bloks so nothing.

Fluid intake
50K: filled up my 50oz water bladder twice at aid stations, plus an extra flask. Post race: chocolate FLUiD recovery in coconut milk.
IB:  2 sips of water, maybe. Post race: chocolate FLUiD recovery in coconut milk.

Race attire
50K: Freeplay race top, running tights, Freeplay trucker, arm sleeves, long socks, Salming Trail shoes.
IB: Freeplay tri kit, wetsuit & ROKA goggles, Rudy helmet, XX2i glasses, no socks, bike shoes, Freeplay trucker, Salming Speed shoes.

Race mishaps
50K: couldn’t get water bladder zipped closed at aid station after filling, had to get help from one of the awesome volunteers and he had problems too. Spent a couple minutes there. 2nd time filling it up went much quicker.
IB: Forgot transition towel so used a blanket I had in the back of my car, folded up “neatly” in transition… so yeah, totally pro-like. Forgot race chews for bike so had no nutrition, remembered during swim so told husband when I was exiting the water “forgot my chews!” and he then proceeded to try to find my shoes. Almost ran into a mountain biker when he was crossing the bike course. Later my chain fell off and had to pull over to fix. 

Some things I heard on course
50K: at 15.5 mile turnaround a guy behind me started to tell me stories of the famous mountain lion who lives in the area. He said his cologne was A1 steak sauce after I expressed my concern.
IB: fellow racer (who I knew from past races including Cozumel where his wife raced) told me I would get a DQ if I passed him while I was running behind him. I passed him.

Race time & results

5:56:12, 7th overall female, 1st age group

1:17:00, 1st overall female

Post race activities
50K: Lay on couch all day, hardly could move. Felt broken.
IB: Many hours of weed whacking plus other Easter prep. Felt great.

Some pics
50K: (photo credit to Chasqui Runner)


IB: (photo credits to Craig Dvta & Greg Winter)



Thanks to my Freeplay team, amazing sponsors, and everyone who supports me!