This morning I stumbled across this bracelet I won at IronGirl Lake Tahoe several years ago and decided to slip it on.  The bracelet reads “Race with Grace”. I always wished I could be one of those women who left it all out on the race course and still crossed the line looking fresh and cute but unfortunately that is just not me.  Maybe 2015 will be different.

2015 is supposed to be my comeback year but the word comeback is scary. It conjures up images in my head that I am supposed to return to the sport where I left off or even faster. The thought of trying to make that happen is exhausting my enthusiasm before the season even begins. It is hard enough to compete against competition on race day without competing with myself(or my former self) everyday leading up to the event.

So as I prepare for the start of the New Year and the new season I am redefining the word comeback. A comeback is a return to the sport you love with the same enthusiasm and dedication you once had. During this comeback year I promise to have patience with myself. I expect the journey to have it’s highs and lows but the lows will not be denoted with asteriks and words like “Shoes came untied” or “Goggles leaked”. I will accept each race for what is and build on it.

2015 will be about training with patience. And maybe that is truly the key to Racing with Grace.