TBF Tri for Real #1: Sunday, May 31st, 2015

This race was all about gratitude. It’s not every day that I am gracious for being able to do the things I do, but racing today was definitely just that. There are too many days I take for granted, unfortunately, but this race brought me back to reality.

I am thankful for my able body that can race and be pushed to the limit. I am extremely blessed to have such a supportive group of people who help me get through my training sessions and to the finish line of every race.

Over the past few weeks, my training has lacked its typical consistency as I have wrestled with some tough questions. With race organizations cancelling several pro races, it has been hard to not be affected. I have had to re-do my race schedule several times this season. I am sure triathlon will continue to see changes, but hopefully for the better. And I hope that all triathletes will come together in support of each other and for the betterment of the sport.

Regardless, I enjoyed the day of racing. I drove to the race with a friend and had many teammates, former and current, who were out there. I got to see the kids race and can’t help but smile and enjoy what they are doing. There were 150 kids racing on Sunday morning. It is wonderful to see so many kids out there racing and enjoying the sport. Tri4Kids is doing a wonderful job getting kids introduced to triathlon!

Race itself, I just loved being out there with many friends and all triathletes. TBF put on some great races this weekend, as usual. The weather was beautiful with some nice cloud coverage on this very exposed trail run. I got to swim, bike and run today with tons of other triathletes. I was able to test out my swim skin and enjoyed the swim in the nice clean lake. I had fun hammering up and down the roads of the bike course, soaking in the thrill of riding fast! This is what I absolutely love about the Olympic distance race. Then I survived the run, just maintaining a sustainable pace on these tough fire roads and trails. Thanks to TBF for putting on another great weekend of racing!


Photo by Greg Winter