June 17th, 2016

(San Francisco, CA) – Professional triathlete and IRONMAN Champion Sarah Piampiano launches The Habit Project, a platform and online community dedicated to inspiring healthier lifestyle habits for all.

Piampiano’s personal journey from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and working long hours as an investment banker to professional athlete was the motivation to create an online resource that provides information, helpful tips and challenges for people seeking to make healthy lifestyle changes. The website covers fitness, nutrition and life balance information and advice to encourage others to develop healthier habits in their daily lives.

“There was a period in my life when I smoking heavily and was not leading a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to make changes but lacked motivation. Discovering triathlon was the trigger I needed to inspire change. It made me realize that we all have negative habits we’d like to overcome, but we may not know what our “trigger” is to motivate a change that is lasting. I created The Habit Project as a way to offer ideas, tips, challenges and support to those searching for their own “trigger”.

Each week, The Habit Project will highlight a simple theme (e.g. improve your daily water intake) and provide insight and ideas on integrating new, healthy habits into daily life around that theme.

“People often set big goals for themselves when it comes to positive habit change, setting themselves up for failure. With The Habit Project, we offer small, achievable goals that can set the foundation for success and momentum towards lasting positive habits.”

Piampiano partnered with WidSix on the design and development of The Habit Project website.

Image by Sean Dulany.

About Sarah Piampiano

Piampiano is Maine-born professional triathlete that now resides and trains full-time in Northern California under the guidance of purplepatch fitness founder and coach, Matt Dixon. Piampiano’s career highlights include winning IRONMAN Western Australia, 3x IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans Champion and placing 7th overall female and 2nd American female at the 2015 IRONMAN Hawaii World Championships.