Professional Athletes and Their Dogs

It is no secret that we at Freeplay love our dogs. Chances are you may have even seen them at races and expos over the past few years including Oceanside 70.3, Vineman 70.3, and the Carlsbad 5000. But we are not the only ones who include our dogs in our endurance lifestyles. Here are some of our favorite pros and their furry friends.

Alisha Williams and Myles“We have a German Shorthaired Pointer named Miles. He is our pride and joy and faithful running buddy. This year we are working on Miles’ doggy dental hygiene, so far Miles is completely opposed to having his teeth brushed. “Chicken” flavored toothpaste is not a hit at our house!” –Alisha Williams, professional runner for Adidas
Kara LaPoint and Levi“My Vizsla, Levi, is my favorite training partner! My “little buddy” does it all with me: long trail runs, mountain bike rides, cross country skis and even swims — he follows behind when I’m in the lake! We have so much fun exploring the mountains and playing outside together.” –Kara LaPoint, first year professional triathlete
Missy Erickson and Eva“Eva, my husky, likes to come to the track with me and run around.”
–Missy Erickson, Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic High Performance
Kelsey and RileyRiley is 7 years old but she doesn’t let her age slow her down. She keeps me company on training runs(her longest run was 25 miles) and on mountain bike rides. Riley loves to run at altitude and can be seen crushing the single track up in Park City, Utah. –Kelsey Withrow, professional tiathlete and CAT1 cyclist
Our pup’s name is Piper. She is an 11 week old yellow lab. We’ve only had her a few weeks now, but she’s mastering the notion that peeing is something she’s meant to do outside (whew!) and she likes to chew EVERYthing. The ends of my shoe laces, and zippers are seem to be her favorites! –Dede Griesbauer, professional triathleteDede and FamilyDede and Piper
We take Blue, our Hawaiian Bluenose Pitt Bill, and Maffy, our clearance sale mutt to the dog park and run with them on our easy days. They enjoy cuddling though, much more than they enjoy exercising. –Angela Duncan-Naeth, professional tiathleteWetsuitsBlueMaffyDuncan Family

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