I’ve had some fun races since ITU World’s Championship in Cozumel last September. I did Heart of Cool trail 10K on my birthday (came in first overall!). SF to Napa RAGNAR with 11 other amazing woman (200 mile relay), no sleep for 30 hours but an amazing time. We took first in the woman’s masters division! MandaRUN ½ marathon, my Freeplay teammate (and coach) Stephanie took overall female win with me coming in 2nd with a PR of 1:30!! Double Duathlon where I realized doing a flying mount after run-bike-run wasn’t easy… apparently my brain turned off. It would have been a fun close race for first but because of my fall I came in 2nd overall female (pic above was pre-fall!). This Saturday I will be doing something completely different, a 50K trail race. It’s a run but really the word run should be in quotes. It’s a hike/walk/traverse/scramble as much as a run. I just recently read the rules for the race and twice they mention no whining. So I have my work cut out for me. Here are some of the things I’ve observed and learned while training for this race…

  1. When I start feeling fatigued I need to eat even if I’m not hungry. It works like a charm.
  2. Ticks are gross. Had a couple recently and now do bug spray before I hit the trails… spray for me & my dog.
  3. I think I’d rather have a tick bite then a mountain lion bite. Just an observation.
  4. A dog makes a great trail running partner especially when it’s hard to coordinate a run with friends. And helps keep mountain lions away… right?
  5. I love listening to music when I run. But when I’m out on the trails I sometimes turn off all music and soak in the beauty & sounds of nature.
  6. I have gotten used to running in soaking wet shoes & socks. Because it has happened on every training run I’ve done. Every. Single. One.
  7. I am sometimes afraid there might be a mountain lion stalking me. Sometimes.
  8. The best way to dry out shoes is removing the liners and sticking shoes and liners on the heater vent at home. When the family asks what the smell is I just point to the dog.
  9. My body wants to be done running at mile 18. So doing 31 miles (without whining) should be interesting.
  10. My dog is afraid of Oscar the Grouch. Yes I learned that trail running.
  11. My longest training trail run has been 23 miles. So doing 31 miles (without whining) should be interesting.
  12. Trail runners are a FUN group! I’ve met some of the greatest people.
  13. Trail runners like beer.
  14. I’m going to have a hard time not whining.

Here’s to finishing 31 miles!