When I wandered into Lifetime Fitness Roseville for a workout with a group of local women I was initially overwhelmed by the magnitude of the facility. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Lifetime Fitness had everything I love about training and exercising – personality and energy!

It was just before 9:45 am on a Saturday morning and there was not an empty bike to be found in the indoor cycling class. The music was pumping, the lights were dim and Marley Smith, the instructor, promised to make our legs burn.  With her Cat 1 cycling race background it was easy to imagine yourself pulling a teammate up a long climb or sprinting to the finish line of a local race as she led us through the workout.

Despite all the “suffering” the minutes ticked by quickly. After the session was over I glanced around the room. Two emotions were evident on most faces – relief that the last interval was over and happiness that a solid workout was done and dusted. As I gathered my equipment and checked the clock I was pleased to see there was still plenty of time to towel off and recap the morning with the girls in the Lifetime Fitness Cafe downstairs.

It was a great reminder that Saturday morning sweat sessions are definitely best shared with friends…and coffee (of course)!



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