Clean Sport Collective,, a non-profit that advances the pursuit of clean sport launches today. The Clean Sport Collective aims to create awareness and positive change through the celebration and recognition of the athletes, events, brands and industry organizations that are advocates and ambassadors for clean sport. The mission of the Collective is to be united together for honesty, integrity and transparency in sport.

“I am honored to have been a small part of the making of the Clean Sport Collective,” said two-time Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher. I have realized that one of my most important goals in life is to promote clean sport, clean athletes and clean brands. Clean Sport Collective is the first step in getting people together who want to promote clean sport, and I couldn’t be more excited about watching it grow.”

To join the Collective, clean sport advocates are invited to become members at by taking the appropriate clean sport charter pledge. Charters are provided for professional athletes, amateur athletes, student athletes, coaches/agents, health care providers/trainers, brands, events, sport clubs and fans.

Membership is offered to athletes that pledge that they have and always will train and race clean and commit to being advocates for clean sport. They are also agreeing to donate $25,000 to the Clean Sport Collective if they test positive for a banned substance.

Organizations are also a critical piece of the clean sport movement, ensuring sponsorship and prize money is earned by those athletes that honor the integrity of sport. Brands and event members will be pledging to only work with athletes that have never tested positive and are devoted to clean sport. The Clean Sport Collective supports creating a level playing field for sport and does not believe athletes that have tested positive should be able to compete alongside those that are clean.

“The Clean Sport Collective will change the conversation from glorifying results from doping to celebrating the clean athletes who deserve accolades,” said Kevin Rutherford, CEO of Nuun and board member of Clean Sport Collective. Nuun is 100% on board, and we hope that more brands continue to follow.”

There is no fee to join the Clean Sport Collective. Those interested in financially supporting the movement can donate online and/or purchase Clean Sport Collective merchandise. Funds raised through the Collective donations will go to help fund Collective partners in four lanes of positive change – awareness, testing, industry advocacy and restoration.

“Our goal with creating the Clean Sport Collective is not only to raise awareness for Clean Sport, but to also offer avenues for all people to create real meaningful impact,” said Shanna Burnette, President and Co-founder of Clean Sport Collective. “Together, we can change the rhetoric and celebrate the athletes, brands, events, teams and industry professionals doing it the right way.”