As a professional cyclist, Beth Newell boasts power, speed and athleticism most people can only dream of. With the fitness she’s achieved through years of hard work on the bike and a lifelong commitment to sport (she played soccer as a kid and did track and field through high school and college), her body is primed for exceptional performance. There’s just one problem: she can’t find jeans that fit! And she’s not alone among high-level athletes, she says.

“Growing up, we always talked about how our jeans never fit, especially in the quads,” says Newell. “In biking, it became an even bigger problem. If you buy something to actually fit your legs, then you have this huge waist; it’s like you could stick another person in it!”

Indeed, in the cycling world, big quads mean big bragging rights. The size is almost synonymous with a rider’s potential for success. For Newell, a multitime national track cycling champion and World Cup medalist who’s currently training for the 2016 Olympics, they also became…

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