Eight women; 31 Ironman distance triathlons. This equates to a lot of race experience – 74.4 miles of swimming, 3,472 miles of time trialing and 812.2 miles of running off the bike to be exact. These numbers do not even take into account the countless hours of training and miles that are required just to get to the start line.

We all know training for an Ironman requires dedication and commitment month after month and that there is no one magical workout that ensures the day will come together perfectly, but we checked in with our Ironwomen to to see what their go-to IM workouts are and to share which Ironman is next on their schedules.

MaryHeadshot-Large-381x508Mary Tanner
Number of Ironmans: 14

Favorite Ironman: Ironman Coeur D’Alene
I love the hometown vibe there and have met many people from the race that are still friends with to this day!

Next Ironman: Ironman Coeur D’Alene 2016

Your favorite Ironman workout:  My favorite IM readiness workout is an 8 hour training day. It starts with 1 hour swim of 500 repeats (typically 6-8 of them)- boring and monotonous but needed for IM swimming. After the swim I head home for a real breakfast then head out on my bike for a 5 hour ride with 30 min efforts.  After the bike it is back home to eat and drink. I finish up the day with a 2 hour progression run. This is a money workout – if you master this you are READY!

GinaHeadshot1-381x508Gina Anixter
Number of Ironmans: 5
Favorite Ironman: Ironman Lake Tahoe
My favorite race was IM Tahoe because it was so close to home and many of my friends and family could come to cheer me on, not to mention it is down right gorgeous! My favorite part of the race was the swim when the sun came up the sky was the most beautiful color. I will never forget the peaceful feeling of gratitude for getting to race.

Next Ironman: IM Arizona 2016

Favorite Ironman Workout: My favorite workout is really the hardest workout I do to prepare for an IM. It’s called the “Big Day” and really the only time I love it is when it’s over because I feel so proud and amazed that my body allows me to finish such a beast of a workout session. It’s done 4 and 8 weeks from race day, I like the session that is at 4 weeks because it marks the start of the TAPER!! It’s a 90 minute swim, an hour rest, a 5 hour bike ride (75-80% effort), an hour rest and it ends with a 2 hour run at race pace.

SaraHeadshot1-381x508Sara Randolph
Number of Ironmans: 5

Favorite Ironman: Ironman Frankfurt

Next Ironman: 2016 Ironman World Championships

Favorite Ironman: My favorite Ironman workout is a 3.5 hour run in the morning and then a 30 minute run in the evening. I feel like the second run because it really tests my mental strength when I’m physically exhausted. It is also good practice for the last 10k of the IM marathon.


Christine Scott
Number of Ironmans: 2 (Coeur d’Alene 2013, and Wisconsin 2015)

Favorite Ironman: Ironman Wisconsin

Next Ironman: IM Canada 2016
I love mass swim starts, and way the community comes out to spectate in full force is really fun!

Favorite IM workout: Doing a run later in the day after a long ride, run, or brick in the morning. The goal is to head out for the second workout on tired legs when all you want to do is lay on the couch and eat ice cream. This workout helps simulate the feeling of tired legs you’ll have during the Ironman marathon, and is great for working on the mental aspect of racing Ironman. Don’t forget to reward yourself with ice cream afterwards.

TeamHeadshots-3Kelly O’Mara
Number of Ironmans: 2

Favorite Ironman: I suppose of the two, I liked Wisconsin better.

Next Ironman: 2016 Ironman World Championships

Favorite Ironman Workout: I just do whatever the coach puts on the calendar, though there are a few workouts that stand out as making me want to die. One staple is 15 x 3′ (with 1′ recovery) at best average. I do the workout both biking and running — though this week was particularly sadistic because it was 20 repeats at 6:40 pace on the treadmill. What makes it so challenging and good practice earlier in your season is it gets hard after about five, but then you still have ten more to go, so you better find something in you mentally to get through that. And that is a really handy thing to be able to do in a race.

PamHeadshot1-381x508Pam Goodley
Number of Ironmans: 1

Favorite Ironman: Mont-Tremblant by default, but I loved the course, people, and region. I’d love to do the half there one day.

Next Ironman: IM Canada 2016

Favorite Ironman Workouts:
Structured: 20-min WU and 4 x 12 @ 90% FTP with harder effort last 2 minutes. 5/min recoveries. Tough workout, but builds strength and speed.

Unstructured: Long ride with hills, including hills steeper than you’ll get in your race. The kind of ride where you can’t wait to be off the bike near the end, but you finish with feeling supremely gratified at having done it. Builds physical and mental strength.

JaimeeHeadshot1-225x300Jaimee Davis
Number of Ironmans: In progress for 1st one

Favorite Ironman: To be determined…

Next Ironman: Ironman Canada

Favorite Ironman Workout: I love a solid 4 hour ride with a mix of hills to climb and flats to work on my speed with a group of friends who are faster than me so I have to work the entire time. This session is followed by an off the bike run at the track doing 4-5x 2 mile repeats at or above race pace with a 400m or 2 minute recovery.

It’s my favorite and least favorite workout because it’s painfully hard but key in getting faster and being able to race fast, plus I love training with my friends and this workout is good for anyone. Whether you run a sub 7 minute mile or a 9 minute mile, we’re all at the track pushing each other through the suffering.


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