A picture says a 1000 words. So here are a few thousand words from my recent TBF Icebreaker Triathlon that took place April 16…

If possible I always check the line for the swim finish. Good to know if sight buoys (ones you can go on either side of) are off to one side or another instead of in a straight line from the final turn buoy. This time the sight buoy was off to the outside so I was glad I checked. My hubby took this photo and had no idea what I was doing. But he just rolls with it and takes pictures anyway.


My hubby takes good pictures! The water was cold cold cold. I don’t like cold water. Glad it was just a ½ mile swim!


In transition 1 multitasking… stepping out of my wetsuit while I put my helmet & glasses on. Anything to help me be a tad bit faster is a bonus.


I rubber banded my shoes to my bike for a flying mount, first time I did it in a race and it went well! aka I didn’t fall over. (In case you are wondering the bands break once you start pedaling.) I also put a few chews up on my top tube. Just in case I get hungry 🙂


flying_dismountFlying dismount coming into transition 2. Came in a little fast but stayed upright so all’s good! Notice the FLUiD tent? They rock.


This photo makes me laugh, it’s so flattering I had to put it in. Eating the last chew from my bike while heading out for the run. I put on glasses, visor, & number while running out of transition. Again anything that will make me faster is bonus!


My watch wasn’t working right so I had no idea what mile I was at, or what pace I was running, or my overall time, or my run time, or if my feet would ever thaw out from the cold swim, or why I thought triathlons were a good idea. I thought this was mile 2. It was closer to mile 1. Cue the sad violin.


Ask any athlete and I’m pretty sure they’d say this is the best part of a race, the FINISH!!

Started my season off with SacTown 5K on April 3, then this Icebreaker triathlon April 16th, next up is the Auburn Triathlon May 15th! Hard to believe the race season is now in full swing but it is!! Until then…