I knew going in that it was going to be a long day but since I have done numerous half Ironmans and a full Ironman suffering for hours on end is something that I am well accustomed to. The first 16 miles were relatively uneventful. I started off easy as planned and just ticked the miles away one by one. I was lucky to be able to spend most of first 8 miles – the Darrington Loop – running behind a fellow Folsom Bike athlete and friend Karyn Hoffman. Definitely helped make the time go by faster (and more fun)!

About two hours in things were looking solid and I felt decent until – BAM! I face planted it on the ground. And just like that there went goal #1 – stay upright! Shortly after this fall was the next aid station which so happened to also be the relay exchange. As soon as I crested the hill I spotted teammate and friend, Erin Wachter who quickly became Nurse Erin. She nicely cleaned my face up a bit and shared a few laughs with me before sending me back on my way. From here to mile 20 I plugged along but with definitely with less spring in my step. By mile 20 even less pep and by mile 23 no pep – the suffering increased 10-fold! Although I never really entertained the thought of dropping out I did throw occasional pity party for myself, especially across the long, flat levy.

Hassan_BR_055Eventually the levy ended and I reached Folsom Crossing and trudged over what I used to think was a small climb. Upon reaching the top I quickly spotted a runner down the hill which helped me regain some focus especially since I had been running solo for a good hour or more. I reached the bottom of the hill just as I caught up to the runner who turned out to be Scott Williams (Karyn Hoffman’s partner in crime). We arrived at the aid station about the same time but I left slightly before. It was the last aid station and 2.3 miles to the finish. I want to take a moment to point out that this was the longest 2.3 miles of my life! I ran (hobbled) down the bike trail wondering if someone had lengthened the bike trail over the course of the night.

I finally made it down the last hill and with about a mile was mentally done. How does one run 30 miles and fall apart with one mile to go?! I don’t know but ended up lucking out. Scott was right behind me and started shouting at me. This was a huge help at just the right time! We ran almost all the way to the finish together but he had just a bit more to give than I did and pulled away with ¼ mile to go. I crossed the line exhausted, happy and proud!


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Thank you to everyone who supported me on and off the course over the past several months!

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