After lots and lots of weeks of solo workouts I decided to join hundreds of my “closest” friends for my long run last weekend by jumping in the Credit Union SacTown 10 Miler.

With big workouts scheduled before and after this 10 mile run all out racing was not an option. While it was great to get in a solid tempo effort with company, it was admittedly much more arduous than I hoped for. I was thinking I could hold 6:30 pace for the 10 mile tempo (14 mile day) with I lot less effort and I actually ended up settling for 6:40s instead (1:06:39). Slower than I hoped for but not bad for a tempo effort.

With just over two weeks to go until St. George 70.3 I am getting anxious to see where my triathlon fitness is and excited that summer is right around the corner. With more training time available during the summer I am looking forward to taking my St. George fitness to the next level over the next few months….just in time for Vineman 70.3!

Stayed tuned for a St. George race report soon!photo 4