In the current issue of Freeplay magazine (September — October 2015) we discussed several ways that moms (or dads) can exercise with their children. As mentioned in the article including your children in our workouts is not only a great way to spend time together but also a great way to peel your kids away from technology to enjoy the great outdoors. Below are a few fun activities you can do with your children in the pool to improve their technique while having fun!

  • Mermaid Races: With this fun, easy drill you can build core strength and improve dolphin kick technique. Push off the wall, hands at your sides and press the chest forward to make a whip-like motion with your feet together – just like a mermaid (or merman)! Challenge the kiddos to a race across the pool, or perhaps use diving toys to race to the hidden treasure at the other side! The Mermaid Fin or Wave Monofin for a fun way to build strength and improve technique.
  • Lucky Penny: Try this drill for a fun way to practice a stable head position – the key to efficient swimming. Place a penny, or any coin, on your forehead and flutter kick on your back. Whoever can keep the coin on their forehead for the length of the pool, gets to keep it! For added technique work, add in backstroke arm pulls while maintaining the same stable head position.
  • Don’t Flip Out: Flip turns are often one of the most difficult swimming skills to master, for kids and adults alike. The good news? You can practice this skill away from the wall! Play around in the middle of the pool with different somersault motions – flip forward, backward and even side-to-side! Practicing these movements, will help you and your children become more aware of your body position when it comes time to try the real thing.

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