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I go through my own checklist of things that need to be in order prior to the night before my first race of the season. As I prepped my own equipment, I made a list to share. My season opener is the Half Moon Bay Olympic Distance on Sunday, April 19th. I am looking forward to racing with USA Productions and all the athletes this weekend! When is your first race?

Some things to consider as you get ready:

  • Is your transition bag cleared out from last year? If it still has stuff in it from last year… you might want to throw the contents in your neighbors trash can…
  • Goggles: Check that the seal and strap of your race goggles didn’t get old from sitting for several months
  • Wetsuit: Soak it before you put it on for the first time! Here are some guidelines to good wetsuit care as well:
  • Electrical tape: is it still sticky?
  • Tri bike shoes: Is the Velcro still in good shape?
  • Clean your bike. Check the tire treads, cogs, chain, brake pads. Bring your bike and wheels in for a check-up if needed.. a few weeks prior to your race
  • Has your body glide dried out?
  • Is your sunscreen old and needing a replacement?
  • Speed laces: Don’t forget to put these on your shoes and run in them before the race
  • Helmet: are the pads still in good condition? Is your race sticker still on your helmet from the last race you did last year… you might need a major scrubbing..!
  • Make sure your cleats are good. It is always good to have a spare pair
  • For really cold water swims, do you have a neoprene cap and/or booties? Try it out before the race to make sure it works for you.

As I re-pack my bag and check my equipment, I always make sure I have the following spares if I am traveling to a race:


-tires and tubes

-spare cassette and cassette changing tool

-extra cap

-extra goggles

-extra goggle strap

-electrical tape

-rear derailleur hanger

-extra kit (yes, I have heard of people’s zippers ripping race day)


Good luck and have fun! Hope to see you out there racing!


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photo by Brian Pomeroy