6 mile run, homemade latte in my favorite coffee cup and a fresh batch of pancakes* – I almost had to look in the mirror to see who this girl is. I never thought I would say this but I am loving the early morning workouts. Hearing the alarm at 5:10am is still a bit of a shock to the system and popping out of bed is a struggle but finishing a workout as the sun is rising with 2 hours to spare before leaving for work definitely sets the tone for a positive day.  This 45 minutes of work followed by a quick stretch and a quiet cup of coffee while catching up on social media and emails (or if ambitious the dishes) is refreshing after years of repeatedly hitting snooze only to race out the door.

Since I am only two weeks into this new routine it is too early to tell if this will be a passing trend or if it will stick…but I am optimistic! It is definitely good for my fitness and race goals but it has proven to be even better for my general metal well being. I hope when you check back in a few weeks or months I will be fit and faster from this new healthy routine and if not – at least my house will at least be cleaner.

*The pancakes were not part of the original plan. It was the result of coming home to find that one of your greyhounds carried the dozen croissants you just bought upstairs to display all over the office floor.


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